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Veronique Kilian

Veronique is very versatile, she is a writer and has written 3 books and gives training sessions on work happiness. Furthermore, she makes Podcasts and gives lectures and training in Toafulness™. She also has a broad knowledge of the field of her coaching. For example, she gives individual transformation coaching, as well as team coaching, and self-organization coaching. She is an interculturalist and is interviewed monthly by the online magazine Feem on feminine leadership.

Veronique came to us asking if we could help her improve the SEO of her website.

However, as this process progressed, it became increasingly clear that the website did not fully represent her vision and brand.

She wanted a facelift of her existing website that represented both her business and spiritual side.

All of her qualities came together in this project, and this website brings all of her services together without coming across as overwhelming.

Branding, website, digital marketing

Coop Taxi Egypt

Coop Taxi Egypt is a start-up company with a very experienced owner in the field of transportation and (day-) trips in Egypt.

The company’s home base is in Hurghada, Red Sea District, but due to its wide knowledge and experience it actually serves all of Egypt and offers solutions for almost every customer.

Quality in service, safety, responsibility, honesty, respect and teamwork are the core values of this company.

After years of working together with other limousine services, it was time to change course and create a beautiful new company where quality, service and reliability are the core values of the company.

The website had to give a nice overview of the offer and possibilities within Coop Taxi Egypt.

Both the fleet and the trips got a place in the website. However, personal contact is very important for Coop Taxi Egypt and gives the customer the opportunity to contact the company directly to go through all (sometimes very specific) wishes.

So, no computer driven system, but a website as a connection between people. An online signboard, informative yet personal.

Website, Digital marketing

Flientjes Vriendjes

Flientjes Vriendjes makes gratitude notebooks especially for children. The notebooks, the characters in the notebooks, and the children who write in them (and their parents) can all count themselves as Flientjes Vriendjes. All Flientjes Vriendjes make the world a little more beautiful! They do this by bringing positive energy into their own lives and thereby illuminating the world around them.

The gratitude notebooks are made with lots of love and are especially for children. Grateful feelings contribute to the world we live in which needs more and more love and light.

Flientjes Vriendjes was born out of our own experience. They experienced this with their own children and the results are magnificent! A super fun sleep ritual, more loving dreams, a happy child in the morning, and the habit of feeling gratitude are the fine results of this choice.

Evelien from Flientjes Vriendjes came to us with the question if we could make her a webshop to display and sell her Gratitude Notebooks for kids. 

The books were nearly finished and there was no time to waste. 

The deadline was tight, but we managed to make a colorful and playful website.

Afterwards, we continued our work together and connected the e-mail marketing.

Our work is not finished here and we continue our collaboration in fine-tuning and expanding the company’s marketing strategy.

portfolio - grijsgoudadvies.nl


GrijsGoud Advies

Gert Broekman deals with Asset-, & Maintenance management. With over 30 years of experience in various roles, he has experienced first hand the coherence and necessary interaction between these different areas, or lack thereof.

With GrijsGoud Advies he supports hard working SME entrepreneurs in the Dutch Manufacturing Industry to achieve better results by turning around ineffective and inefficient maintenance. In this way, maintenance becomes a value-added activity instead of a cost item. This makes it possible to achieve a lot of profit in this industry. I like to use my expertise and experience to help them with that

Gert himself had already begun to create a website. And in the meantime was already busy improving his online marketing (both email marketing and social media marketing).

However, his website was very concise in terms of content and it was not entirely clear to his customers what exactly Gert could support them with.

Together with Gert, we decided to give the website a facelift and structure the information more clearly and create a clear picture for his potential customers to see where the strength of GrijsGoud Advies lies and where it distinguishes itself from the average thinking in solutions.

What a professional website, I am really happy!

Branding, website (webshop)


Favorabel.com is a small webshop that has focused on buying up lots. This allows them to offer beautiful and quality products at a more competitive price than their competitors.

The owner of Favorabel.com, had come to us before to design DD Forward’s logo.

After a pleasant cooperation, he wanted a logo for Favorabel.com again, but where he had previously created a website for DD forward himself, this time he wanted to outsource it.

The project consisted of a small webshop in which an ever-changing assortment had to be divided into different categories. Easy to use, both for the company and the customer.

A very distinct design, with a bright purple color became the basis of this project. Which had to emphasize distinctiveness in price, offer and working method. A one-of-a-kind project

Website, Digital Marketing

Révin Wijnen

Rèvin Wijnen began as a business between 2 friends, together looking for a great product to sell.

It became wine which is their common interest, but not just wine. The goal of Rèvin Wijnen is to introduce their customers to special wines through a weekly or biweekly subscription, and wines that are out of people’s sight because they are less known but very tasty. They want their customers to learn more about this through their enclosed wine flyer.

The great thing about Rèvin Wijnen is that even though they are an online business, they actually find personal contact with their clients very important. So they personally deliver the wines to the door on their “Friday Wine Day” with their electric cargo bikes.

The two friends came to us after working with a programmer on a website for almost a year and the end still didn’t seem to be in sight. The programmer seemed stuck on the amount of features the website needed to have and the design was far from appealing. We decided to start over and this time put it in a WordPress format.

The gentlemen’s requirements were very specific and in this case we couldn’t do it all without also programming a fair amount of customization.

Subscriptions were initially the main product, but now the services have expanded to a full webshop full of beautiful wines.

To this webshop we also linked the email marketing and the train is starting to roll faster and faster.

Some of our logo designs

portfolio - crystals-orgonites.com


Crystals & Orgonites

Amanda co-owner of Dutch Real Estate Egypt wanted to turn her own passion into a web shop in addition to the real estate agency she runs with her husband.

It was time to share her love for crystals, stones, and orgonites with the world.

Crystals & Orgonites was born. With her fine eye for detail, she offers rare and beautiful crystals and orgonites of the highest quality. You will find no fake gems with her.

A small webshop full of beautiful products and jewelry and of course orgonites made by Amanda herself. All with crystals and stones as a base.

Amanda already owned a large assortment of stones and crystals and they now needed to be made available to the general public.

We created a small webshop for her, where she could display her assortment, but also easily expand it. A shop with Amanda’s stamp firmly on it.

Furthermore, the webshop had to add something personal and Amanda wanted to make her customer aware of the connection between her products, Chakras and your star sign.

A webshop that can handle multiple currencies and is linked to her social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) where she can also display and sell her assortment directly.



Kindervreugde is a Dutch intercultural children’s coach (Warsha Atwarie) who has a clear vision for helping children.

Her focus is especially on children from intercultural backgrounds. They live in the Netherlands but may have roots in India, Morocco, Turkey, Suriname, etc.

Because of this, they run into problems that Dutch children do not experience.

She teaches these children to understand and accept themselves better, to cross thresholds, and to create a wonderful future for themselves.



When Warsha knocked on our door, in her opinion, her website was already largely finished. However, she could not access it and had no insight into what had and had not been done.

The web builder did not get back to her and Warsha was at her wit’s end and had already passed her launch deadline.

We acted quickly, the website was far from finished, and there was a lot of work to do.

Kindervreugde should have been live already so our time was very limited, to stay as close to the original release date as possible.

Besides her services as an intercultural children’s coach, Kindervreugde also offers some free and paid products, which we linked in a small webshop.

It has become a nice personal and interactive website where children really take center stage.

portfolio - jouwsuccespraktijk.nl

Website, SEO, Digital Marketing,
Video editting

Jouw Succes Praktijk

Enthusiastic business coach Marlies van der Hout helps coaches step outside their comfort zone and establish a solid coaching practice.

She offers both live days and online trainings. Trainings ranging from 30 days to even a year-long program full of inspiring group sessions valuable 1-on-1 conversations and deep dive sessions in the outdoors.

This is definitely not a 13-in-a-dozen coach and she knows how to touch, inspire, motivate, and above all activate her clients in playful ways

Marlies came to us asking if we could help her boost the SEO of her website.

However, we soon found out that the state of her website was so bad, cluttered and unstable that it would benefit her business if the website was completely revamped.

That’s where we started. At the same time, she was launching her new academy through another web builder and that meant we only had 3 weeks to transform this large website into something beautiful that highlighted her brand and quality.

The deadline was met and both websites were launched on her birthday. A wonderful birthday present and a very satisfied client that we still get to support to this day with SEO and Digital Marketing and video editing… Another new project is already on the horizon with this lady full of ideas…

I like to keep things simple, when I have the ideas Sandra tells me about the possibilities, but more importantly she really unburdens and just implements them so that it works for me the way I want it to work.


Dutch Real Estate Egypt

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Branding, website

Super Nova Fight League

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portfolio - martinsebike.com


Martin's E-Bike

Martin’s E-Bike is a local bike store in Almancil, Portugal, that also offers its electric bikes and accessories online.

Besides selling Electric bikes and bicycle accessories such as bags, clothing, and parts, Martin’s E-bike offers bicycle repairs and maintenance.

They also do bike rentals of both regular bikes and E-Bikes and offer cycling vacations in the Algarve. This allows tourists to enjoy the beautiful Portuguese countryside.

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